Intwined Rustic Band


For those who want a strong design to represent their bold approach to life & love.  My Intwined collection are designs that represent how our lives and loves are all beautifully connected to one another.  This design is very casual, strong for every day wear, and to pass on for generations to come.

METAL: Matte Finish w/ Oxidized accents, Recycled Sterling Silver Band (~4.5-5mm wide)

Oxidation happens naturally, when silver is exposed to the air.  If you do not properly store your sterling silver jewelry, accented areas will oxidize even inside your own home from disuse. In this design I have accelerated the process in my studio.  With this ring, if you wear it regularly, the oxidized areas exposed to your skin and regular contact might wear away at the oxidation. Inside the twists and turns should remain blackened longer. If you would like this ring in 14/18K gold, let me know and we can create it together.

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