Jewelry Resource Guide

What is the proper way to take care of my new jewelry? What is the difference between gold & silver? My jewelry resource guide has answers to questions that can help demystify the "magic" of jewelry. Therefore, you make the right decision for your new purchase. If you have a question not shared below, let me know and I would be happy to help you out.

What does Eco-Friendly Mean?
Where do you purchase your gemstone from?
What is the difference between Sterling Silver & Gold?
How can I care for my 'dyed' or soft gemstones (like Pearls, Opals, etc)?>
Storing your jewelry
Caring for your jewelry at home

What does "Eco-Friendly" and American Made mean?

I try to procure most of the elements used in my jewelry from within the US, whenever possible. All of my metal comes from companies that are in the US, who properly procure and recycle the metals that they use. I also recycle 100% of my scrap metals – so they enter back into the fold to be used again. Waste is not an option.

Where do you purchase your gemstones from?

I procure gemstones from companies within the US whenever possible, but always from ethical gemstone cutters/mines. I do receive a lot of requests for custom work, and sometimes gems are not available other than purchasing from other countries. One of my favorite is Gemstones Brazil, in the UK. Otherwise I use lab-created colored gemstones, or diamond alternatives like CZ and Moissanite from Charles & Covard. Any genuine diamonds that I purchase and use in my designs are from either Hoover & Strong or Rio Grande. Both companies are committed to selling conflict free diamonds. Some H&S diamonds are from their Harmony collection (read more below about this program).

"A recycled diamond is a naturally occurring diamond, cut & polished from mined rough, previously set in jewelry then removed, and re-introduced into the supply chain for resale.

Diamonds have been treasured as gem stones since their use in religious amulets in India dating as far back as 6,000 years ago. Approximately 4.5 billion carats of diamonds have been extracted from the ground since large scale mining efforts began in South Africa in the 1870’s. This means many millions of diamonds are part of the world’s existing, above ground, supply of diamonds. In order to reduce the industry’s reliance on environmentally damaging mining practices, Hoover & Strong is proud to participate in the acquisition and reintroduction of these many millions of diamonds back into the jewelry supply chain."

-Hoover & Strong

What is the difference between sterling silver & gold?

Solid Gold is a precious metal that will not oxidize or discolor, since it is the least reactive metal. You will still want to take care of your rings to make sure they remain beautiful for generations. A soft brush and mild soap will help to clear away any debris that shows up from everyday wear, and finish with a soft cloth to clean/dry your ring.

Sterling Silver is a mix of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. I do not plate my jewelry in rhodium, so the metal is untreated and natural. Therefore, it can oxidize over time. With simple care and cleaning you can ensure your jewelry will remain beautiful. Wearing jewelry can help prevent oxidization from building up, as the natural oil in our skin acts as a "protection layer". However, if you do need to store your ring make sure to keep it in a safe jewelry case. I love using CONNOISSEURS Silver Polishing Cloth to keep my own jewelry clean. The cloth is simple to use and will last you years for just a few bucks.

How can I care for my 'dyed' or soft gemstones (like Pearls, Opals, etc)?

If you have purchased one of our dyed Chalcedony gemstones, it is important to care for them properly. They can remain beautiful for generations with the right care. The nature of dyed stones means there are some slight variations. They can either have deeper or lighter coloring than shown in pictures online. Each gemstone is equally beautiful and I only choose the highest quality.

However, take care when wearing your ring, harsh substances can make the color fade over time. Try not to wear it when cleaning the house, swimming, or anytime it might come in contact with various chemicals. A soft cloth is best to clean your ring. A mild cleanser is great if you need to remove dirt/debris from the stone.

Storing your jewelry

It is important to take care of your jewelry even when not wearing it. Having a dedicated place, jewelry box or other location, to store your jewelry is best. Make sure it does not come in contact with items that can scratch it. Keeping jewelry, for long-term storage, in a container that is free from dust and the air will also help to keep oxidation (something that happens to metals like Sterling Silver when exposed to oxygen in the air) to a minimum.

Cleaning your jewelry at home

If you don't choose a professional jeweler to clean/polish your jewelry, there are ways you can do this at home. You can find various cleaning machines on websites like Amazon. Please be careful to choose machines/solutions that are safe for the jewelry you plan to take care of. Read carefully because pearls and dyed gems (delicate) can not be cleaned using the same materials as diamonds (strong).

You can clean many pieces (even some of the delicate ones) using a mild cleanser and a soft toothbrush. This is the perfect way to reuse your old toothbrushes. They are perfect to clean those hard to reach areas of your delicate jewelry. Rinse any areas you have cleaned completely and allow it to dry fully before storing or wearing the item.

I recommend to be careful when cleaning your jewelry near the sink. Please use a small bowl on the counter or cover the drain opening to protect it from being lost. I also love using CONNOISSEURS Silver Polishing Cloth to give my jewelry that extra shine & polish. The cloth is simple to use and will last you years for just a few bucks. There are cloths to protect silver & gold - make sure to buy the appropriate one for your jewelry.