About my Jewelry Studio

Tiffany Profet, Designer

Where does the spark to create come from? For my ethical handmade jewelry studio, it comes from a passion to use my right brain in a very left brain head. Jewelry designing started 15+ years ago. I am a self-taught artist, and all of my heart goes into the designs I create as I strive to constantly expand my knowledge. It all began with simple bead stringing turning into advanced wire wrapping that I sold on Etsy starting in 2007.  In 2013 I taught myself metalsmithing, grabbed a torch and have not looked back since. I love creating without mass production, without technology, with just imagination, care and a lot of love.

My Southern California mountain studio is where all creation & admin work begins for my ethical handmade jewelry collection. I am jewelry designer, customer service rep, graphic artist, photographer, website designer, and postal lady all in one. I love that this is my day job and have enjoyed being a full-time entrepreneur since Summer 2009.  I’m an ethical vegetarian (14+ years and counting), I love cows dearly (would love one of my own), and have a very sarcastic sense of humor!

All of the jewelry in my collection is handmade, 100% from recycled metals, and I recycle 100% of my scrap metal!  I buy metal from companies in the US, who have a commitment to our environment.  My diamonds are all ‘conflict free” and ethically sourced from the reputable Hoover & Strong or Rio Grande.  I also love working with other ethically sourced and lab created gemstones that fit anyone’s budget. I love creating rings, designs for loved ones to share with each other. I fully support all marriages and unions.  Therefore I design with my hands & heart. I have an intimate relationship with each piece I create, designing every curve and line especially for you.