Mountain living & nature inspired jewelry

Bark Wedding Set

I moved to the mountains almost 2 years ago, and the biggest “ah ha” moment for me was realizing how much nature surrounds me. I have always lived in, or near, major cities – where trees grow out of concrete. Oh, trust me – they do! Here in Lake Arrowhead, I have found myself surrounded by trees, everywhere, and not a bit of concrete to be found. No sidewalks, no “curbs”, heck even the mail is not delivered to your house. For this city gal it was a big adjustment, but I’m lovin’ it! My new surroundings are helping to create a line of nature inspired jewelry.

I love this set because it brings the beauty of nature into our lives every day. A bark texture is added to the band using various hammers to give a unique look to an otherwise traditional wedding set. I look forward to adding more into my collection. I find myself inspired by where I live and what I see right outside the window in my studio.

Find this set in my collection here.

My view from the Studio

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